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An amateur fight league created by Fighters, for Fighters. A competitive atmosphere designed to develop individuals that want to enter into the arena of MMA competition. To provide the vehicle for those fighters who want to test their skills against the best regional fighters in their weight class and show the results of all the hours of training, that no one else see's. We will provide the chance for fighters who want to develop their amature record with aspirations of going professional. We will attract the leaders in the industry to evaluate talent that may have a chance of going to the next level. But most importantly we will respect and support the struggle that amateur fighters experience in trying to train full time and pursue a dream, while holding down a job, taking care of their families, or going to school. We know that struggle because we've been there!!! We're not just businessmen, we're ex-fighters, running a business for a new breed of fighters. 


Asylum Fight League

“Carl is on of the most knowledgable and professional MMA business executives in our industry. Great fighter who understands the business from both perspectives, uncommon to have someone who has risen to be elite on both sides of cage!!” October 31, 2012


1st Antonio Fournier, President, Fournier's Leadership Karate centers
worked directly with Carl at Asylum Fight League


“Carl has proven himself to be a pioneer in the MMA fight world, who has truly earned the repect of coaches & fighters. His shows are very organized & as a coach I trusted his ability as a knowlegable match maker to ensure the safety of my fighters” October 26, 2012


1st Thomas Sconzo, Martial Arts/Boxing Instructor, Radu Physical Culture
was with another company when working with Carl at Asylum Fight League


“Carl runs a great promotion with the Asylum, and he is the man responsible for making the show into one of the premier mixed martial arts events in the country. I highly recommend him.” October 24, 2012


1st Kevin Garvey, Ring Announcer/Commentator, Kevin "TheGARV" Garvey
reported to Carl at Asylum Fight League


“Asylum Fight League is the premier fight league in our area. Carl has a great crew and every one of his shows has an excellent production value with great music, ring girls, announcers, and the best fighters available. Carl understands the fight game very well, he is not just a promoter putting together a show, he is a fighter for the fighters and makes sure that everyone is matched fair and is put in to a competitive and safe bout. I have cornered fights at multiple Asylum shows and I can say from experience that you will be in good hands with Carl and I can recommend him with zero reservations.” October 23, 2012


1st Craig Hannigan, Managing Director, Hire Resource LLC
was with another company when working with Carl at Asylum Fight League


“Carl has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the mixed martial arts world. I have been in the boxing/mixed martial arts world for over 10 years now and Carl is one of the most respected individuals in that circle. Not only for his accomplishments in the ring but also as a coach, and now as a promoter. I would recommend Carl for anything related to Mixed Martial Arts. Either through his own abilities or through his extensive contacts and relationships that he's developed for over 30 years in the fight game, he is sure to be able to provide service above and beyond the norm.” October 23, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


hired Carl as a Boxing/MMA coach in 2001, and hired Carl more than once


“Working with Carl was a pleasure...he is reliable ...efficient doubt a money maker. He does what he says.” October 23, 2012


1st Marvin Grafton, President, Global Trade Group,Ltd.
was with another company when working with Carl at Asylum Fight League




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